Once a customer, always a customer. That’s the ChemsRX way.

Hello, and welcome to ChemsRX.com! Please take a few moments to read about our standards and procedures, and learn why our customers have come to view us as the nation’s most consistent and dependable SARMs vendor.


All ChemsRX products are made and stored in a clean, well-lit, climate controlled, and fully maintained facility about half an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia. Our compounders have years of experience in the production of a wide range of highly pure materials, and have developed a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of our research partners. Furthermore, our advanced machinery allows us to produce SARMs in remarkably small batches while still allowing same-day shipping. As a result, our customers enjoy the freshest, most potent, and most stable research products available today, at prices our competitors can’t match.


We have built our business on the principles of transparency, equality, and respect for both our employees and our customers. We understand the value of consistency in research materials, and over the years, we have come to deeply appreciate the role of the supplier in the research process. We work together on our customers’ behalf to deliver an exceptional experience every single time– not because it pads the bottom line, but because we believe that by supporting our research partners, we’re supporting the greater good.


In science as in business, time is money. And as a science-oriented business, we understand just how much your time can be worth. That’s why we devote significant resources into understanding our customers’ ordering patterns, and then schedule our production tables so that our inventory today reflects the orders we’ll receive tomorrow. It’s all part of our plan to minimize the time between production, order, and delivery. And it means that if you place an order before 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, your products will be headed your way by the time you finish dinner.

Superior standards. Superior service. We look forward to serving you!